Page 12 - Newsletter 2023 Vol. 7 Issue 1_
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                                            26                 27

                                           Celebrate       Prophet
                                              Me          Mohammad
                                             Week          Birthday

          Celebrate Me Week

          The  rst event of the academic year, "Celebrate Me
          Week", allowed the children to fully understand
          themselves & their surroundings.
          Familiarisation of body parts, practising their spatial
          awareness, and mirroring other children and adults
          were the highlights across the branches. The main goal
          of the event was not only for the development of the
          children's  motor  skills,  but  also  to  promote

          Prophet Mohammad


          As part of Kuwait's culture, Prophet Mohammad’s
          birthday is one of the most celebrated events.

          EPG students wore their traditional clothes, got to
          know the Prophet through puppet shows and see
          different pictures displayed in schools. Celebrating the
          Prophet's birthday helps children strengthen their faith
          by reminding them the importance of life and the
          teachings of Prophet Mohammad.

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