Page 8 - Newsletter 2023 Vol. 7 Issue 1_
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EPG Staff Professional


                        At EPG, in the Early Years Department, we see ourselves as “lifelong” learners!

                        Changing times include 21st learners called the Generation A-Alpha, who are the
                        youngest generation on the planet. We already see the impact of technology and AI
                        in their future!
                        We need to prepare our learners to be critical thinkers, creative collaborators, and
                        communicators, as well as problem  nders and solvers along with content knowledge.
                        All staff have attended training through approved Optimus programs from
                        Safeguarding to Health and Safety. Our branch Response teams have been trained to
                        ensure child safety in all medical situations and emergencies.
                        Our Instructional Coaches have presented workshops with our Lead teachers on topics
                        ranging from differentiation to Math, Reading, Writing, lesson plan implementation,
                        Arabic instruction in literacy and numeracy. Building strong relationships in safe,
                        caring classrooms that provide and protect children as well as encourage values such
                        as empathy, and respect and integrity, are also a focus of training.
                        Training and continuous professional development occurs all year in EPG, as we pride
                        ourselves on leading in the most research based and evidenced based approaches for
                        our teachers. Our team are some of the most highly quali ed Early Years Experts in
                        the country!

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