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     World Children’s                                                         Parent-Teacher
           Day                                                                  Conference

        World Children’s Day

        Children and young people deserve a day of recogni-
        tion - and they have it. It's called World Children's
        Day. In celebration of World Children's Day, we are
        imparting the importance of togetherness and unison
        globally among our students.



        EPG aims to partner with parents in nurturing the
        children by emphasizing communication, critical
        thinking, creativity, collaboration, and compassion.
        This is why every term, a Parent/Teacher Conference is
        held to give an opportunity for the parents and the
        teachers to meet and discuss the child’s growth and
        academic progress. This conference is crucial for both
        parties  because  it enables  both the parent  and  the
        teacher to identify what factors are affecting the child
        in terms of behaviour and academic aspects. They then
        agree on what should be done to help support the
        child’s potentials and abilities. This is also a great time
        for EPG to hand out the Learning Journey folders and
        showcase children's works and creative output.

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