Page 16 - Newsletter 2023 Vol. 7 Issue 1_
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                                                               What do you think is the most important thing
                                                               your child has learnt so far this year?

                                                                I think that my child has developed his skills in
                                                               writing letters and numbers.

                                                               Parent of Zaid AlTaweel
                                                               (FS2-EY05 - Kaifan Branch)

                                                               How has EPG helped your child this academic
                                                               year? Why would you recommend EPG to other
                                                               parents with young children?

                                                               EPG helped my child to write and read. I would
                                                               recommend it for I am satisfied with the prog-
                                                               ress that I can see with my child and I love the
                                                               staff.  They  help  when  children  have  issues
                                                               between each other.

                                                               Parent of Mariam AlKandari
                                                               (FS1-EY05 - Kaifan Branch)

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