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                                          Please see the Benefits at a Glance chart for specifics on plan options, coverage basics,
                                          province-specific default coverage, and plan costs.
                                          Eligible Dependents

                                          Children are covered up to age 21, or up to their 26th birthday if they are in post-
                                          secondary  school. Over-age dependents must re-certify every summer, or the
                                          benefits will be terminated on August 31.

                                          Default Coverage
                                          In Quebec: Associates will receive the CORE PLAN if you do not enrol during
                                          open enrolment. In all other Provinces: Associates will receive OPT-OUT / HCSA-
                                          ONLY PLAN if you do not enroll during open enrolment. Termination age for dental
                                          coverage is the earliest of age 70 or retirement.

                                          OPT-OUT /
                       DENTAL            HCSA ONLY                CORE                         PREMIUM
               Deductible                                          None                          None
               Dental Fee Guide                           Current province of treatment  Current province of treatment
                                          Coverage *
               Recall Examination Frequency                  Once every 9 months            Once every 6 months
               COVERED EXPENSES
               Basic / Preventative                                75%                           100%
               Endodontic / Periodontic                         No Coverage *                    100%
               Dentures / Bridges / Crowns                      No Coverage *                     60%
                                          Coverage *
               Maximum                                           $750 / year          $2,000 / year (excluding orthodontic)
               Orthodontic                                      No Coverage *           50% (maximum $2,000 / lifetime)
                                          OPT-OUT /
                        COST             HCSA ONLY                CORE                         PREMIUM

                        Single            $0 / per pay           $0 / per pay                 $6.77 / per pay
                       Single +1          $0 / per pay           $0 / per pay                 $11.97 / per pay
                Family (Single + more than 1)  $0 / per pay      $0 / per pay                 $17.02 / per pay
              * Expense eligible for reimbursement through HCSA

                    HEALTH CARE           OPT-OUT /
                  SPENDING ACCOUT        HCSA ONLY                CORE                         PREMIUM
                        Amount            $750 / year            $500 / year                   $250 / year

                                          Health Care Spending Account

                                          The HCSA allows you to get reimbursement for your out-of-pocket expenses. When your
                                          coverage starts, you get all of your HCSA money for the year in one deposit.

                                          You can use this money to help pay for:
                                            •  If your plan doesn’t cover the entire amount of your claim, you can submit a
                                              claim to your HCSA to get the rest back.
                                            •  If you’ve opted out of regular health and dental coverage or reached your yearly
                                              limit, you can submit remaining expenses to your HCSA.

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