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              Optional Benefits Summary

              Benefits-eligible Associates may choose to enrol in the following benefits. Details of each benefit can be found on
              the following pages.

                  BENEFIT                       COVERAGE                         WHEN?            WHO PAYS?
                                              3 plans to choose from:                              HCSA-Opt Out:
                                                HCSA-Opt Out                                        no premiums
                                            CORE: 75% reimbursement,         First of the month after   CORE: AEO pays
               MEDICAL & DENTAL            health care spending account,     a 30-day waiting period  100% of the premium
                                             minimal dental coverage           from date of hire
                                                                                                 PREMIUM: AEO pays
                                           PREMIUM: 90% reimbursement                            75% of the premium;
                                     Single, Single +1, or Family coverage available              Associate pays 25%
                                   Associate, Spouse, and Child life insurance available  First of the month after     OPTIONAL BENEFITS
                 OPTIONAL LIFE             (Statement of Health required     a 30-day waiting period  Associate pays 100%
                  INSURANCE                                                                        of the premium
                                       for all Associate and Spouse applications)  from date of hire
                   OPTIONAL           Associate-only or Family coverage available  First of the month after   Associate pays 100%
                    AD&D             (Due to the catastrophic nature of this coverage,  a 30-day waiting period
                  INSURANCE              no Statement of Health is required)   from date of hire   of the premium
                                 Critical Illness benefits provide a lump sum payment upon
                   OPTIONAL       diagnosis of any of the 25 specified medical conditions   First of the month after
                   CRITICAL          with no restrictions on how the funds are used  a 30-day waiting period  Associate pays 100%
                    ILLNESS                                                                        of the premium
                  INSURANCE               No Statement of Health required      from date of hire
                                          for the first $30,000 of coverage
                                      Associates can purchase AEO stock through  First of the month after   AEO will match a
                EMPLOYEE STOCK          payroll deductions with post-tax dollars  a 30-day waiting period  portion of Associate
                PURCHASE PLAN
                                       AEO will match 15% on the first $100/pay  from date of hire  contributions

                PARENTAL LEAVE       AEO will top-up an Associate’s regular earnings  1 year continuous  AEO
                    TOP-UP              for the first 13 weeks of Parental Leave  active FT/RPT service

                    TUITION                                                                       AEO will reimburse
                                   AEO will reimburse Store Managers and Home Office
                REIMBURSEMENT    Associates for coursework passed with a minimum B grade  After 2 yrs as a SM, or  100%, up to $3000
                                                                              1 year for HO service
                   PROGRAM                                                                        per calendar year
                CORPORATE GYM      Discounted membership with GoodLife Fitness Clubs               Associate pays
                  MEMBERSHIP             for Associates & eligible dependents  31 days from hire    premiums to
                   DISCOUNT                                                                       GoodLife directly

                AEO’S ASSOCIATE    AEO provides several options to help you participate
               GIVING PROGRAMS          or donate to your favourite non-profits   Upon hire           Variable

                                                                                                    AEO matches
                  GROUP RRSP:      Associates can enjoy immediate tax savings by having   First of the month after   100% of the first 3% and
                  REGISTERED       up to 10% of their pay transferred into a group RRSP           25% of the next 3%;
                  RETIREMENT                                                 a 30-day waiting period  Associates eligible for
                 SAVINGS PLAN     Associates eligible for the match after 1 year of service  from date of hire  the match contribution
                                                                                                 after 1 year of service

              FULL TIME AND REGULAR PART-TIME BENEFITS — OPTIONAL BENEFITS                                           9

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