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LifeWorks — Employee Assistance

                                          Program (EAP)

                                          American Eagle has been deliberate in removing the stigma around EAPs, and we
                                          are  pleased  to  provide  our  benefits-eligible  Associates  and  their  families  with  an
                                          Employee Assistance Program through LifeWorks. LifeWorks provides a variety of
                                          wellness benefits based in four main pillars: Social, Physical, Mental, and Financial
                                          wellness. We want you to “Live your Best Life” and utilize the wellness offerings at
                                          your fingertips.

                                          What Is LifeWorks?
                                          Lifeworks, formerly Morneau Shepell, has been a leading provider of human
                                          resources consulting and outsourcing services for 50 years. Their main focus is on
                                          innovative solutions to educate, maintain, and improve your overall wellness.
                                          LifeWorks provides  well-being  plans  where  you  can  complete  simple tasks,  short
                                          assessments, and take action for your health! With the CareNow programs tracking
                                          your progress, you will accumulate points to use on exclusive perks and offers with
                                          popular retailers and brands.

                                          The Four Pillars of Wellness

                                          1 — Social Wellness
                                          LifeWorks provides  articles, podcasts,  and  videos  to help you on your  path to
                                          being  more  socially well along  with counsellors to  help  you  manage  your
                                          relationships successfully.

                                          2 — Physical Wellness
                                          LifeWorks challenges you to be your best self! Complete the CareNow physical
                                          challenges to improve your fitness, monitor your health conditions, sleep better,
                                          or quit smoking. Reach out to a counsellor to talk through what might be the best
                                          approach for you.

                                          3 — Mental Wellness
                                          Check-in on your mental wellness, accessing the many varied resources available.
                                          Articles, podcasts, videos, and toolkits to help you self-guide your journey. Online
                                          counsellors are available 24/7 through virtual telemedicine or on the phone through
                                          the hotline if you need someone to walk with you on your path to mental health.

                                          4 — Financial Wellness
                                          Take advantage of exclusive perks and offers from a large selection of retailers and
                                          brands to keep the extra money in your pocket. Receive discounts and cashback
                                          at your favourite places.  Also get educated on strategies to plan for your financial
                                          priorities  and  be  prepared  for  the  unexpected.  Check  out  the  many  resources  on
                                          planning budgets, retirement planning, or  saving for your child’s future. Whatever
                                          your season, there is good information waiting for you.
                                          Visit to tap into a wealth of resources available to help
                                          you be successful in the 4 pillars of wellness.

                                          Is This a Confidential Service?
                                          Yes. LifeWorks operates under the strictest confidentiality and never provides any
                                          information on any individual program to AEO. AEO only receives non-identifying
                                          statistics — for example, the total percentage of enrolment using the services.
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