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How to Apply for Short-Term Disability
                •  Associates must advise their immediate manager as soon as possible if
                 they are away due to illness or injury for 3 consecutive days, or if they
                 are aware that they will be away for greater than 5 consecutive working days.
                 A Doctor’s note must be provided to the Benefits Department at                                        EMPLOYER-PAID BENEFITS
        at the Associate’s first opportunity.
                 The cost of the documentation will be at the Associate’s expense.
                •  The Benefits Department will partner with the disability management
                 team at Manulife who will contact the Associate directly to explain
                 the STD application process.
                •  All Associates must provide complete medical information to the
                 Manulife case management team before a claim may be reviewed.
                •  If an Associate is seen by and treated by a medical practitioner and is
                 absent from work for more than the 7-day (5 consecutive working days)
                 waiting period, they may be eligible to receive Short-Term Disability
                 benefits for up to 17 weeks if approved.

              You will receive full or partial pay during the STD period. Those Associates on STD will
              be paid as follows:

                •  Week 1: Paid sick days (if available)
                •  Weeks 2 – 4: Paid at 100% of benefit earnings (on a weekly basis)
                •  Weeks 5 – 17: Paid at 70% of benefit earnings (on a weekly basis)

              The maximum STD benefit is $2500/week. The STD application must be approved by
              Manulife before benefits are paid. STD benefits are paid through payroll and taxable.

              Long-Term Disability

              Those Associates approved for LTD will be paid at 60% of benefit earnings on a
              monthly basis. The maximum benefit payable is $10,000 per month. LTD benefits
              are paid through the insurance company and are taxable.

              Long-Term Disability (LTD) benefits are available to all RPT and FT Associates after
              1 continuous year of RPT or FT employment. This benefit provides long-term partial
              income after you have satisfied the elimination period of 17 weeks and then
              assessed as “totally disabled” and unable to work by our case manager.

              At all times, the Associate must be under regular review by their physician and the
              case management team to ensure that the treatment plan is appropriate and successful.
              The Associate and their licensed medical practitioner must complete a full application
              and provide medical evidence to be approved for long-term disability benefits.

              FULL TIME AND REGULAR PART-TIME BENEFITS — EMPLOYER-PAID BENEFITS                                      5 5

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