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                                          How to Enrol in Benefits
                                          Upon your benefits eligibility, you will receive an email invitation from Manulife
                                          to register and enrol. Visit to register and access your online
                                          benefits enrolment tool. Your benefits enrolment event will be open for 14 days
                                          following your benefits eligibility date. You will need your policy number and
                                          your employee ID to register, along with your banking information to set up direct
                                          payment for your claims. If your spouse also has benefits with Manulife, please have
                                          their policy information handy to set up direct coordination of benefits.

                                          Coordination of Benefits
                                          Associates who opt into health and dental benefits and whose partner also has a
                                          benefit plan can take advantage of the coordination of benefit process, which can
                                          lead to up to 100% of eligible expenses being reimbursed. Associates will always be
                                          required to submit their own claims through the AEO plan first. Any portion that is not
                                          covered should then be submitted to the plan of the partner for reimbursement. The
                                          partner must always submit to his/her benefit plan first, then submit any remainder
                                          through the AEO plan. If you are claiming expenses for your children and both you
                                          and your partner have coverage under different plans, you must first claim under the
                                          plan of the parent with the earlier birthday in the calendar year.

                                          Eligible Dependents
                                          It’s important to make sure your family has the coverage they need. Your
                                          eligible dependents are defined as your spouse (including same-sex spouse
                                          or  common-law partner after one year of cohabitation) and your children — natural,
                                          adopted, step-children, or those whom you have legal guardianship of.

                                          Separated spouses are not eligible for coverage under our plan as they are not
                                          cohabitating or representing as a family unit to the community.

                                          Children are covered up to age 21, or up to their 26th birthday if they are in post-
                                          secondary  school. Over-age dependents must re-certify every summer, or the
                                          benefits will be terminated on August 31.

                                          Looking for More Details?
                                          Please see the Benefits at a Glance charts for specifics on plan options, coverage basics,
                                          province-specific default coverage, and plan costs.

                                          For more information on how to use your group benefits to your best advantage,
                                          refer to the Manulife benefits guide on the Manulife benefits portal or on AEO

                                          Visit to access the Manulife benefits contract for detailed
                                          information about your plan coverage. For additional support, contact Manulife
                                          Member Services at 1.800.268.6195, via Live Chat through your
                                          account, or the AEO Benefits Hotline at 289.562.8077.

                                          Default Coverage & Termination of Health Benefits
                                          In Quebec: Associates will receive the CORE PLAN if you do not enrol during
                                          open enrolment. In all other Provinces: Associates will receive OPT-OUT / HCSA-
                                          ONLY PLAN if you do not enroll during open enrolment. Termination age for health
                                          coverage is the earliest of age 70 or retirement.
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