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•  Any other amount that you could claim for a medical tax credit on your tax
                 return. You can claim these expenses even if your health or dental plan
                 doesn’t cover them. See which expenses the Canadian Revenue Agency
                 (CRA) allows.

              If you’re a new hire:  Your HCSA deposit for the year will be lower (pro-rated). How much
              you can get depends on when your coverage starts within the plan year.

              Any unused funds in your HCSA at the end of the year will be carried forward to the
              next year. Unused funds will only carry over for one plan year and will expire at end of the
              carry-over year.

              Emergency Travel Assistance (ETA)
              Your Emergency Travel Medical Coverage
              A medical emergency while travelling can be a frightening and costly experience.
              But with your Manulife group benefits plan, you’ll have the protection you                               OPTIONAL BENEFITS
              need — and you’ll have access to the expertise of our emergency travel assistance partner,
              AZGA Service Canada Inc. (Allianz Global Assistance) any time, 24 hours a day. Allianz
              Global Assistance has one of the world’s largest emergency travel assistance networks
              and can help you and your family through the difficult time.

              If you’re hurt or get sick while travelling outside your home province, ETA is there
              to help you and your family. When you phone the number on your card, someone is
              there to help. They can also arrange a wide variety of services for you.

              Here Are Just a Few Ways They Can Help

                •  Help you find a doctor or hospital
                •  Arrange and pay for your flight home for medical care                 PLEASE NOTE
                •  Make arrangements for family members travelling with you
                                                                                         An EMERGENCY means an
                •  Coordinate claims for all medical services between your provincial health plan,   acute illness or accidental
                 your Manulife health plan, and any other group or individual health plans  injury that requires imme-
                                                                                         diate, medically necessary
              Your ETA plan also includes a telephone health advice service. Allianz Global Assistance   treatment prescribed by a
              can help you in other languages, not just English.                         doctor.
                                                                                            EMERGENCY SERVICES
              What to Do in a Medical Emergency                                          means any reasonable
              You, or someone with you, must call the Allianz Global Assistance 24-hour operations   medical ser vices or sup-
              centre  before  receiving  medical  care.  The  toll-free  numbers  are  on  the  Travel  Card.   plies, including advice,
              Any invasive and investigative procedures (e.g., surgery, angiogram, MRI) must be    treatment, medical proce-
              pre-authorized by Allianz Global Assistance, except in extreme circumstances. If you   dures  or  surgery  required
              don’t contact Allianz Global Assistance, your claim could be reduced or declined.  as a result of an emer-
                                                                                         gency. When you or  your
              Stay in touch with Allianz Global Assistance throughout the medical emergency until   family member has a chron-
              they confirm that you no longer need to do so. Please give Allianz Global Assistance your     ic condition, emergency
              hospital, hotel, or other local telephone number where you can be reached.  ser vices do not include
                                                                                         treatment provided as
                                                                                         par t of an es tablished
                                                                                         management program that
                                                                                         existed  before  leaving
                                                                                         your province of residence.

              FULL TIME AND REGULAR PART-TIME BENEFITS — OPTIONAL BENEFITS                                          13

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