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How Do I Access the EAP?
              Email:; download the Lifeworks app from your app  NEW THIS YEAR
              store; or call: English service — 1.800.387.4765, French service — 1.800.361.5676.  LifeWorks partners with
                                                                                         Wello to provide 24/7
              Is There a Cost?                                                           Virtual Telemedicine to       EMPLOYER-PAID BENEFITS
              Short-term counselling and Work-Life Programs are free of charge as they are part of   serve your family for any
                                                                                         health need through their
              your benefits package and are paid for by AEO.
                                                                                         confidential, secure vid-
                                                                                         eo platform that you can
              Occasionally there is more benefit in referring individuals to an external service.   access using your com-
              These referrals are made with consideration of your group benefits program, afford-  puter or phone. Register
              ability, location, and best solution for the issue. Some costs for these services may be   ahead of time, so that you
              covered under the paramedical portion of your medical benefit or eligible for claim   can have this resource in-
              under the Health Care Spending Account.
                                                                                         stantly available when you
                                                                                         need it.
              Rethink                                                                      •  Receive attention

              Rethink,  is our new family support benefit,  offering 24/7 access to consultations   for your issue within
              with a dedicated learning and behavior expert and unlimited access to step-by-step   20 minutes, and then
              videos, resources, and exclusive content developed to help your family understand,   take the first available
              teach, and communicate with your child. Rethink specializes in helping those caring   appointment or sched-
              for children with learning, social, or behavioral challenges, but anyone who needs   ule a session at a time
              parenting support can benefit from the program.                               convenient for you.
                                                                                           •  AEO has removed
              Developed by highly experienced clinicians, educators, and leaders in the field of   the barriers to care
              developmental disabilities, the Rethink program includes:                     by providing this
                •  A comprehensive video library with over 1,500 easy-to-follow teaching steps   convenient service
                 based on principles of ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis).                    at no charge to you.
                                                                                            Avoid an ER visit,
                •  Assessments and learning plans that are customized for each child’s specific   crowded walk-in
                 needs, to help guide parents and caregivers on how to teach skills and     clinics, and long
                 decrease problem behaviors effectively.                                    waits for doctor’s
                •  A training center consisting of 11 video modules showing best practice,    appointments by
                 research-based teaching strategies. Created with parents and caregivers in   logging on to
                 mind, each step-by-step video module is concise, engaging and jargon free.
                •  One-on-one virtual consultations with our team of behavioral therapists and
                 special educators.
                •  No diagnosis or medical background documentation required — simply set up
                 your account and start teaching your child immediately!

              Access to the Rethink portal is 100% paid by AEO. This resource can be used
              by  you,  your  immediate  family  members,  and  any  professional  supporting  your
              child’s development.

              Sign  up  for your  Rethink  account at:  using  sign up
              code: “AEO”.

              It is our sincere hope that these benefits will contribute
              to the physical, social, and emotional well-being of you
              and your family.

              FULL TIME AND REGULAR PART-TIME BENEFITS — EMPLOYER-PAID BENEFITS                                      7

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