Page 5 - _Lansdowne Gardens Newsletter Winter 2018
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         Guest Photographer

                                                    Tobruk Sheep Station -


                                                    The residents from Bella Vista Gardens residence in the
                                                    Hills recently made a visit to the Tobruk Sheep Station,
                                                    Maroota. The photos Phil Smith took were so great we
                                                    thought we would share them with everyone.

                                                    The residents of Bella Vista Gardens residence recently made a trip to
                                                    the Tobruk Sheep Station, Maroota in April. There they enjoyed an
                                                    entertaining Outback Show surrounded by the beauty and history of
                                                    Tobruk, overlooking the Hawkesbury River Valley. On arrival, the
                                                    residents were greeted by a stockman on horseback. The drive into
                                                    Tobruk Sydney included breathtaking views of the property, with the
                                                    Blue Mountains showing off in the background.

                                                    The Outback Show itself was an exciting display, with the residents
                                                    experiencing and witnessing skilful demonstrations and performances
                                                    - including stockmen on horseback, hot billy tea and damper around
                                                    the campfire. There was also a duck show, sheep muster, working
                                                    dog display, yard work presentation, sheep shearing demonstration,
                                                    wool-room presentation, whip-cracking and boomerang-throwing
                                                    The photos reflect the Australian spirit; with many captured of the
                                                    residents eagerly watching the sheep shearing demonstrations and
                                                    yard work presentation.

                                                    Thank you Phil for taking these wonderful photos!
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