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The Road Less


                                                                    By Donna Meador

        I used to think job hunting was tough— until I started dating in my 40’s. And, then again in my late 50’s after
        the passing of my husband. The first time around, I was job-hunting and man-hunting (I mean dating) at the
        same time. Imagine doing that twice in midlife. Talk about a rollercoaster ride! Interestingly enough, it was
        those very experiences that revealed a passion within and inspired me to write a book, putting me on the
        road I’m on now.

        Looking back as I connect the dots,
        I can see that this path has always
        been  in  front  of  me.  No  doubt,
        that’s true for a lot of us.

        In 2004, I became obsessed with
        women  who  were  dating  “later-
        in-life.” because I was one. It took
        on a life of its own as I watched
        way too many women undervalue
        themselves as they  ventured out
        into the dating world in their 40’s
        and beyond.

        In 2009, I married an “off the boat
        Italian”  but  it  wasn’t  until  2014
        after getting through the ‘08 crisis
        that  I  focused  on  publishing  my
        book:  DATING:  It’s  Not  Personal.
        He  was  debonair  and  romantic,    After  his  passing  in  2016,  and  despair.  This  was  not  only
        taking  me  back  to  the  country   surprisingly   enough,    I   was  my mantra, it was a much needed
        my own grandparents immigrated       catapulted  forward  creating  a  message.  People  connected  to
        from back in the early 1900’s.The    wake of viewers from all over the  tell me how they viewed me as a
        writing  of  my  manuscript  turned   world  as  they  watched  my  vlog:  ministry. Life coaches reached out
        out to be the documented version     Daily Dose A Donna. It became a  saying they loved my message of
        of  all  that  I  experienced  right  up   message of hope and self-healing  self-responsibility, and there have
        until  we  met,  and  is  now  a  love   as  people  tuned  in  and  I  literally  been  those  who  said  it  was  like
        story  that  will  reach  generations   showed  the  public,  in  real  time,  watching  a  reality  show.  While  I
        to come.                             how they could “Set Your Dial To  was mourning, I was going live.
                                             JOY”  in  the  midst  of  heartache

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