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Fraud Alert. OK,

                                                       Maybe It’s A Little Like

                                                       “Impostor Syndrome”

                                                                                        by Laurel Pendle

                                                        Have you ever felt like you are an impostor or living a double
                                                        life?  I  often  think  my  life  resembles  a  superhero  movie
                                                        where  I  am  portraying  multiple  characters  with  different
                                                        personalities, costumes, makeup, masks and all.

                                                        Let me help to paint the picture for one scene of the
                                                        action movie I look like I am the cool, got-it-together Supermom
                                                        that sometimes gets spotted wearing a red cape and boots—

        a “Supermom” that makes pancakes  sight—an  imposter  compared  to  I  would  love  to  hear  about  your
        on  Saturday morning, has dance  what  is  posted  on  social  media  as  “Supermom       “or    “Superdad”
        parties  in  the  living  room,  and  the  perpetual  happy  family  and  moments,  as  well  as  the  real-life
        carves  out  time  to  help  my  son  the “masks” that I often wear as a  struggles  that  make  us  all  human.
        with  his  projects/homework  with  successful  PR  professional  running  It’s  about  understanding  why  you
        immense  enthusiasm  for  hours.  a business consulting company.          do what you do and continuing to
        That  same  “Supermom”  can  tackle                                       moving forward.
        the  longest  IEP  meeting  in  history  As  a  blogger  and  self-proclaimed   Drop me a line sometime. We can
        with little effort, (a special shout out  sales  and  marketing  leader,  I  have   all learn and grow from one another.
        to my fellow special needs parents  failed  to  create  ongoing  content.   We  are  all  unique  and  different.
        out  there,  God  bless  you!)  then  I’ve  felt  less  creative  and  inspired
        can  transport  the  family  to  soccer  on  some  days,  and  haven’t  even   That’s what makes us special.
        practice and the grocery store in a  mustered the energy to say yes       Laurel  Pendle,  CMP  believes  people
        single bound.                        to  speaking  at  an  event  or  a  live   and  relationships  come  first,  then
                                             podcast in weeks.                    business  and  financial  freedom  will
        Scene  two  depicts  me  as  a  savvy                                     follow!  She  is  a  passionate,  driven
        business  entrepreneur  by  day  that  We  ALL  have  those  days,  weeks,
        can  whip  up  a  creative  marketing  and  even  months.  Since  the     entrepreneur  that  strives  to  create
        plan  while  multi-tasking  for  hours  COVID-19 pandemic started, there   positive  brand  awareness  through
        on  conference  calls  and  attending  have been fewer “Supermom” days    strategic  partnerships  &  alliances.
        events  with  top  industry  leaders.  than I would like, and less of a desire   She  graduated  with  a  B.A.,  Cum
        Then  in  the  final  scene,  there  is  to  dominate  the  entrepreneurial   Laude, Communications & Marketing
        one  action-packed  moment  when  community than I care to admit. But,    degree from Arizona State University,
        I  fly  away  into  the  sky  to  put  out  I put one foot in front of the other  and  is  a  Certified  Meeting  &  Events
        another “fire” in the local press and  and continue to move forward one  Professional  (CMP).  She  has  worked
        social media community…all before  step at a time.                        with  diverse  organizations  in  various
        lunchtime!                                                                industries for over 28 years.
                                             When we give each other support,
        In spite of all of this, I feel like a total  grace, and love, I know there will be  Laurel  is  a  visionary,  a  ‘connector’
        fraud  on  some  days—an  imposter  brighter days ahead.                  and  a  talented  entrepreneur  that
        mom,      business     professional,                                      thrives  in  partnering  with  dynamic
        and  human.  There  are  plenty  of  There    will   even    be   more  organizations  and  people  around
        Saturdays when the pancakes were  “Supermom”  moments  in  the  near  the  globe.  She  is  a  devoted  mother,
        burnt  to  a  crisp,  the  homework  future. You may even get a glimpse   published author, philanthropist, and
        was  never  completed,  the  grocery  of my red cape peeking out under    social activist.
        shopping was never thought of, and  my  professional  attire  while  on  a
        there were certainly no “Supermom”  Zoom Meeting.                         Web:
        crime-fighting  action  moments  in                                       Cell: 480-382-6382

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