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How Your Credit

                                                         Affects You

                                                                                          by Lynn Davies

         We all have goals  we  want  to  We are in a debt-fueled economy.  either  to  repay  or  return  those
         accomplish in life.                 The  average  household  spends  resources  (or  material(s)  of  equal
                                             34.5  cents  of  every  dollar  to  pay  value) at a higher cost.
         • Own a Home                        interest  on  their  debts.  (Source:
         • Get Married                       Wall Street Journal).                What credit is not?
         • Vacation
         • College                           What if you could stop overpaying  • Utility bills
         • Own a Nice Car                    interest on your debt? Would life    • Phone bills
         • Go on Vacations                   be  different?  Stop  guessing:  It’s   • Daycare expenses
                                             not too late to take a new course…
         Our  goals  put  us  in  debt.  In  With the only Financial GPS.         What is a credit report? A record of
         REALITY:  This  is  how  life  takes                                     an  individual’s  or  company’s  past
         shape for most people.              • Not a refinance                    borrowing and repaying, including
                                             • Not a mortgage modification        information  about  late  payments
         Our dreams and goals get replaced
         by  consumer  debt  and  our  cost   • Not a debt roll-down              and bankruptcy.
         of living. We budget for the price   • No lender change
         tag  of  what  we  buy,  but  we  fail   • No change to lifestyle        How does your credit report affect
         to  budget  for  the  true  COST.                                        you?
         The  reality  of  how  people’s  lives   This  software  program  analyzes
         get  shaped  financially  is  a  little   your  financial  situation.  Let  the   • Financing
         different from what their goals and   software direct you to ZERO debt   • Insurance
         dreams are.                         in the shortest possible time using   • Employment
                                             your  existing  situation.  Working   • Higher interest rates
         Assuming  you  choose  to  go  to   on your credit score will also will
         college. You earn your degree and   improve your life desires.           How do credit scores work?
         get  your  first  job,  getting  paid  a
         modest  starting  salary.  Most  of   What  is  credit?  Credit  is  the  • 760-850 Excellent
         your income at that point is yours   provision  of  resources  by  one  • 700-759 Very Good
         to  spend.  And,  congratulations,   party to another party where that  • 660-660 Good
         you  are  also  the  proud  owner  of   second  party  does  not  reimburse   • 620-659 Fair
         tens of thousands of dollars in     the    first   party   immediately.   • 580-619 Poor
         student loans.                      Instead, the second party arranges   • 500-579 Very Poor

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