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But the guys who believed in me  people really need to find me for  You  can  also  find  Drive  Friendly
        and gave me the lines of credit that  something, I’m around all the time.  at  1580  AM  Saturday  mornings,
        I needed and took my payments, I                                          10:00  AM,  or  you  can  go  to
        have  been  fiercely  loyal  to  them.  Brian:  Fantastic.  What  is  your or  https://
        I want the best parts for the best  customer service philosophy?       You
        price, with the best guarantee.                                           can also follow us  Facebook  Live
                                             Steve:  People  before  profits. The  on Saturday mornings. We record
        Brian:  What’s  the  biggest  thing  real  philosophy  is  do  the  right  the show now because the studio
        that differentiates you from other  thing. Tell the customer the truth.  was closed with COVID.
        auto shops?                          We’ll  tell  you  whether  it’s  going
                                             to be expensive or cheap, but we  Brian:  Thank  you  so  much  for
        Steve:  Transparency. If something  won’t go through the motions just  being here, Steve.
        is wrong with  your  car, we  have  to make money.
        technology    where     we    have                                        The  President  and  CEO  of  Friendly
        pictures  that  get  sent  to  your  Brian:  Tell us a little bit about your   Auto  Centers,  Steve  Rozansky
        email and to your phone, we have  podcast, Drive Friendly.                started  working  in  the  industry  in
        videos,  we’ll  take  scope  readings                                     his teens, learning the ins and outs
        and  download  them  to  you.  We  Steve:  It’s a collaboration with me   of automotive care at the hands of
        save every single old part. And if  and  my  wife.  I  like  to  talk  about
        you want to see it, we will come  car  advice  and  it’s  not  for  the   some  of  the  best  mechanics  in  the
        pick you up and bring you back to  gain of business, it’s for the giving   business.
        the shop so you could see it.        of  knowledge  where  I  can  make
                                             people smarter.                      For the past 40 years, he has been
        We  have  six  loaner cars in  our                                        a  certified  automotive  technician,
        fleet.  So,  if  you  don’t  have  a  car  We offer a lot of information from  an  industry  designation  from  the
        or  you’re  unable  to  rent  one,  or  different guests, and they’re rarely  National  Institute  for  Automotive
        you only have a single car, not a  automotive related.                    Service  Excellence  that  recognizes
        problem. We have a car of every                                           excellence in the field.
        single type for everybody. We pick  Last week we  had  a  guy who’s  a
        up, deliver, and we’re a AAA shop,  new  personal  trainer.  He  got  a   By  1994,  Rozansky  was  ready  to
        meaning  we  have  a  nationwide  phone  call  off  the  show  because    go  into  business  for  himself.  Under
        warranty.                            the caller wanted to go to a place   his  leadership,  Family  Auto  Service
                                             that’s not intimidating. And what’s
        And  a  live  person  will  answer  less intimidating than a guy who’s    became  part  of  the  NAPA  Auto
        your  phone  call. And  if  it’s  a  real  just  starting  out  his  career  and  a   Care  Centers  system,  a  network  of
        emergency  where  maybe  one  of  new business?                           more  than  9,600  affiliated  parts
        my customers had an accident,                                             and  repair  companies  committed
        we’re  the  only  connected  shop  We talk about things nobody else  to providing customers with quality
        in Arizona. We can use a dongle,  wants to talk about like extended  parts  and  repairs.  “This  brought  us
        which  plugs  into  your  diagnostic  warranties,  title  loans,  or  instant   to  a  totally  new  level  of  business,”
        connector. This way if your check  credit financing. We want people       says  Rozansky,  reflecting  on  his
        engine  light  comes  on,  we’re  to  know  what  to  expect  when        decision to become part of the NAPA
        notified about it.                   dealing with the repair industry so   network.
                                             they don’t get ripped off.
        If  your  airbag  is  deployed,  it’ll
        notify whoever is on your app plus  Brian:  How  can  we  find  your      Rozansky moved to Arizona in 2014
        myself. The airbag alert goes right  podcast and how can we find you?     and  opened  Friendly  Auto  Centers,
        to  my  cell  phone  and we’ll  know                                      the leading auto repair shop in Mesa.
        about it before the police do.       Steve:  We’re   at   5026     East
                                             Main  Street,  which  is  just  west
        We  don’t  talk  about  it  a  lot  of  highly,  and  our  website  is
        but  that’s  something  we  do.  If

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