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Don’t Wait To Be


                                                        by Brenda Kilhoffer

                                                       There’s  a  YouTube  video  of  Josh  Bell,  a  famous  violinist,
                                                       playing his $100,000 Stratovarius violin in the corridors of the
                                                       subway. No one recognized him or the expensive instrument.
                                                       Orrin Woodward, in a podcast, poses the question, “What
                                                       if  no  one  had  ever  recognized  his  talent  and  desire,  and
                                                       Josh Bell had never played his music anywhere except the

        Or worse, “What if Josh Bell had  I had to find my own way out.           scary,  mysterious,  and  completely
        been  convinced  that  because  no                                        unknown.  There  were  no  safety
        one  stopped  to  listen,  he  wasn’t  I  climbed  stairways  recommended  rails.The stairs went both directions
        good  enough  and  gave  up  his  by  others  including  the  “military”  and were seemingly endless.
        craft?”                              stairwell,  the  “employee”  stairwell,
                                             “corporate  ladder”  stairwell,  the  There  was  no  floor.  There  was  no
        I think of my dreams that sometimes  “self-employed”  stairwell,  and  the  ceiling, either!
        felt   like   nothing   more   than  “stay-at-home  mom  with  a  side
        childhood fantasies, and wondered  hustle”  stairwell.  All  are  viable  The  idea  that  I  could  take  those
        if they would remain buried in the  stairwells that  for some, lead to  stairs anywhere I wanted thrilled
        constructs of my own brain. Critics  a  fulfilling  life  full  of  passion  and  me,  and  not  knowing  where  the
        said they were silly, unpractical, or  purpose. They even excited me for  bottom  was  scared  me.  Should
        only happened to “lucky people.”  It  a  short  time.  There  were  public  I take the risk? What if? What if I
        pains me to think I spent so much of  victories and achievements that  didn’t?
        my life believing them.  The podcast  provided short-term validation, but
        reminded  me  that  despite  living  my soul hungered for more.           Brenda  Kilhoffer  is  an  Author,
        in  Metropolitan  Phoenix  (where                                         International  Speaker,  Entrepreneur
        there are no subways), and wanting  They  weren’t  dead  ends.  Each  and Coach at LIFE Leadership.  As an
        a  “Metropolitan  Lifestyle”,  I  was  brought  me  closer  to  finding  the  Air  Force  Veteran,  she  is  passionate
        living in the depths of the subway.  one  that  was  right  for  me.  Those  about  freedom.  Her  most  rewarding
        I knew there was something bigger,  stairwells  taught  valuable  skills  roles  are  those  in  her  home.  She’s  a
        better,  and  more  fulfilling  for  me,  necessary for success, once I found  wife and mother of four. She and her
        yet believed the only way possible  the one that would lead me out of  family  live  on  a  2-acre  hobby  farm/
        was  if  I  won  the  lottery  or  was  the subway. There were experiences  ranch in Waddell, AZ where they have
        “discovered” by someone who could  on them that tainted my belief that  chickens, cattle, and horses. She and
        make my dreams come true.            I would ever live the life I always  her husband had dreamt of “someday”
                                             wanted.  There  were  failures  and  having the financial freedom to live on
        No one was searching the depths of  obstacles  on  those  stairwells  that  a ranch. As a result, Brenda has made
        the subway to find me to give me  led to bad habits, stinking thinking,  it  her  mission  to  help  others  create
        the  life  I’d  always  wanted.  While  and  the  belief  that  I  simply  wasn’t  financial  freedom  and  contribute  to
        there  were  stairs  available  to  lead  good  enough  and  was  destined  achievement of a million dreams.
        me  out  of  the  subway,  few  would  to  remain  in  the  depths  of  those
        lead me to my “Metropolitan”.  The  underground tunnels.
        idea that Bob Barker would knock
        on my door, or a lottery ticket would  I chose to ignore the stairwell
        rescue me, was wishful thinking.     labeled,  “Entrepreneurship”.  It  was

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