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When the time was right, in 2017,  or  pretty  enough  that  prompted  The  easiest  way  to  increase  the
        I  slowly  re-entered  the  world  of  me  to  figure  out  the  secrets  to  odds of a good connection.
        dating, again.                       dating, and it’s why I’m here today.
                                             It’s  obvious,  but  when  your  self-  The goal in life is not crossing the
        As  I walked  this  tender  pathway,  talk  keeps  you  down,  it  not  only  finish line but rather enjoying the
        reacquainting myself with the path  prevents you from having success,  journey—which  includes  work,
        ahead, people watched and waited.  it  also  means  you’re  not  having  enjoyment, and love.
        They  were  curious  as  to  how  I  fun. I went on plenty of dates, each
        would  navigate  this  unspoken  one bringing its own pleasures as  Maybe all roads really do lead to
        phase of grieving. Dating, meeting,  well  as  disappointments.  In  the  Rome...
        and  falling  in  love with Jeffrey  in  name of research, I worked out the
        2018  seemed  to  give  permission  kinks, went  out  on  the  limb,  and
        to those who have loved and lost...  even fell off a few times. My ability  Donna Sparaco Meador is a Women’s
        to love again.                       to  guide  women  in  this  capacity   Empowerment  Coach,  specializing
                                             is irrefutable, and in spite of what   in women dating “later-in-life.”She is
        When a girlfriend turned to me  they initially think, they are excited    an  international  bestselling  author
        and  said,  “Girl,  how’d  you  find  to start enjoying the dating game   and for the last nine years, a Legal
        love  two  times  in  a  row,”  it  was  again!
        that  moment  I  knew  my  ability                                        Empowerment  Strategist,  saving
        to attract and recognize love was  All this started over 25 years ago     both  entrepreneurs  and  individuals
        undeniable. I had the secret.        when I was actually on a date. Even   time,  money  and  aggravation
                                             though  we  weren’t  on  the  same   throughout  the US and Canada.
        Until now, my gift to help others  page, we enjoyed the evening and  Donna’s  gift  is  guiding  people
        over the last 20 years has mainly  talked about how odd it was when  through  the  dilemmas  of  life.  After
        been  through  social  media.  As  a  people  took  it  personally  if  they  the  loss  of  her  husband  in  2016,
        Certified Women’s Empowerment  weren’t  a  match.  Snap!  Just  like  her  message  of  self-caring  via  her
        Coach,  I  have  mentored  women  that, the title of my book was born     vlog:  “Daily  Dose  A  Donna”  took
        when they set out to re-discover  even before one word was written.       the  media  by  storm  -  Her  unique
        themselves often in the unforeseen  Understanding, implementing, and      message  of  intent  and  readjusting
        new world of dating. When I walked  learning how to communicate your      to life after loss, offers strategic yet
        that road the first time, and again  intentions makes all the difference,
        as a new widow, my enlightenment  and  the  confidence  you  gain  as     simple, and effective tools providing
        became more apparent as women  that  proverbial  bar  gets  raised  is    inspirations, clarity and purpose for
        from  everywhere  reached  out  priceless.                                those looking to flourish.
        to  me.  Daily  Dose  A  Donna  was
        brand-recognizable and had a new  Be  mindful  of  what  you  read  or  Donna  is  happily  remarried  living
        message.  My  fun,  no-nonsense,  listen to, and who you spend time  with her husband Jeffrey in Arizona
        “Dear  Abby”  approach  is  being  with. This is as true in your personal  with Luigina, their Yorkie rescue who
        sought  after  and  has  propelled  life as well as your professional life.   is spoiled and happy in spite of the
        me  into  creating  online  dating  I’m sure you’ve heard this before.    fact that she only has four teeth left.
        workshops  affectionately  called  What goes in must come out,            Luigina  often  goes  live with  Donna
        Dose A Dating Workshops. This is  whether  it’s  what  you  feed  your    bringing the  light  hearted  reminder
        for those who are trying to figure  body or what you feed your mind.
        out where to start, how to fix their                                      to  be  intentional when  it  comes to
        picker, how to look for love in all  So,  there  it  is.  The  calling  that   having  fun  and  setting your  dial to
        the  right  places,  what  a  dating  emerged out of adversity to teach   JOY  regardless  of  what’s  going  on
        profile is, and how to smell a scam  single women who are interested in   around you.
        to  mention  a  few.  Welcome  to  finding out some secrets to dating
        dating in the 21st century!          like: 1) What three letter word can
                                             literally save you hours of anguish
        For the record, it  was my own  2) How to know within four dates
        insecurities  of  not  feeling  good  if you’re on the same page, and 3)

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