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It’s A Journey                       in  positive  and  productive  ways  Lisa  Cantu  King  is  a  Women’s
                                             rather  than  imagining  negative  Empowerment        Advocate.     She
        It’s  not  the  destination,  it’s  a  outcomes that cause distress.      helps  aspiring  entrepreneurs  who
        journey.  Knowing  why  you  have                                         struggle  to  increase  their  business
        your  business  is  important,  and   Understanding neuroplasticity, the   success  due  to  a  limiting  mindset
        knowing it is a journey opens your   ability  to  rewire  the  organization
        experience to understand that along   of  thought  patterns  of  reaction,   and  self-defeating  behaviors  like
        the  way  you  will  have  times  that   is your body’s version of allowing   procrastination   and   abundance
        will alter how you need to run your   change.  You  can  rapidly  re-wire   avoidance.
        business. Having the flexibility to go   your  brain’s  circuitry  so  that  it
        with how the world is now will keep   rejects  self-defeating  behaviors,   Specializing  in  Rapid  Restoration
        your business relevant and your bills   rather than creating them.        from    unwanted    or   outdated
        paid. Know your legal rights and get                                      behaviors  that  limit  the  desired
        protection  like  big  businesses  do.   Conclusion                       level  of  abundance,  helping  you
        There are small business prices out                                       increase  confidence,  discernment,
        there  for  big  business  protection.
        (see resources on my website)        Yes,  positive  thinking,  exercise,  and focus to achieve your goals. Her
                                             eating right, and sleep are essential  empowering  mind-shift  techniques

        Mindset:  Out  With  The  Old,  In   conscious  work  behaviors,  yet     heal inner conflict and her resources
        With The New                         some  may  find  they  are  still    enhance  business  productivity  and
                                             procrastinating, have anxiety, and   welfare.
        But what if the words we use keep    do not ask for the sale. You even
        us  on  a  continuous  loop  of  dread   give your product away more than   Lisa has been a successful executive-
        and    self-defeating   behaviors?   you  sell  it,  and  especially  have   level  entrepreneur  for  almost  3
        Words  like,  “I  can’t  have  the  unproductive daily habits because
        business  I  dreamt  about”,  because  of procrastination and other self-  decades,  a  pioneer  as  a  virtual
        when you  were a child you  were  defeating behaviors.                    partner  for  2  of  those  decades.
        told your dreams did not matter, or                                       She  is  also  a  certified  Therapeutic
        or “I’m afraid of speaking in front of  Getting down to basics by paying   Hypnotist  reducing  the  time  the
        an  audience”,  because  when  you  attention  to  your  word  choices  client spends getting to the desired
        were 8 years old your classmates  and actions really helps streamline  change by combining conscious and
        laughed at you when you read out  what you  do  during  the  business  subconscious  work  in  her  4-week
        loud  and  stuttered.  Even  though  day.  Doing  this  is  part  of  your  Rapid Restoration program.
        your  stutter  is  gone,  the  fear  is  journey  of  knowing  when  you
        still deep inside and it makes you  need to pivot or streamline.          Lisa is honored  to partner  with
        procrastinate now as an adult.                                            individuals and teams in all industries
                                             When  you  have  tried  multiple     worldwide,  with  a  personal  goal  of
        You try one more course, get  self-help  techniques  and  are             empowering  each  person  to  feel
        another  degree,  buy  another  still  struggling  to  achieve  the       abundant  and  happy  to  live  their
        book,  and  get  inspired.  Then  successful  habits you  need  as  an
        oops,  you  find  yourself  holding  entrepreneur,  allow  yourself  the   life’s passion.
        back  once  again.  This  recycled  benefit to work with an advocate
        behavior  is  the  mind’s  version  of  who is focused on you. Let’s heal   By appointment and online only.
        protecting  yourself,  and  surprise,  your inner conflicts and unwanted   Phone#:(619)922-9700 (Whatsapp)
        it can be changed because of the  behaviors  replacing  them  with  Website:
        neuroplasticity  of  the  brain.  The  confidence, a clear head, proactive
        part  of  the  brain  that  plans  and  behaviors, and happiness.
        executes  actions  is  the  left  side
        of  the  prefrontal  cortex.  When
        it  comes  to  the  supercomputer
        of  your  body,  your  brain,  know
        that  it  can  be  re-trained  to  react

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