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                                                                                                 U.S. NEWS Saturday 2 december 2017
            Mayor: New York inferno sparked by amateur bladesmith

                                                                                                   reported  that  three  build-  Gomes,  51,  was  charged
                                                                                                   ings  were  destroyed,  18  with  felony  reckless  en-
                                                                                                   others were damaged and  dangerment  and  misde-
                                                                                                   at least 20 people were dis-  meanor arson. He pleaded
                                                                                                   placed. The city is under a  not  guilty  at  his  arraign-
                                                                                                   state of emergency.          ment  Thursday  night  and
                                                                                                   “It  is  the  worst  disaster  the  was  jailed  on  $15,000  bail,
                                                                                                   city has ever seen,” Mayor  the  newspaper  reported.
                                                                                                   Shawn Morse told reporters  A  preliminary  hearing  was
                                                                                                   at an evening news confer-   scheduled  for  next  Tues-
                                                                                                   ence.                        day.
                                                                                                   Morse said John Gomes, of  Assistant  police  Chief  Tom
                                                                                                   Cohoes,  apparently  was  Ross called the fire uninten-
                                                                                                   trying to bend metal in an  tional, or “reckless arson.”
                                                                                                   attempt  to  imitate  the  His-  “We  often  tell  people  we
                                                                                                   tory  Channel  television  se-  don’t  allow  open  burns  in
                                                                                                   ries “Forged in Fire”  when  the city and they often say,
                                                                                                   he  started  a  barrel  fire  in  ‘What’s the worst that could
                                                                                                   his  backyard  that  quick-  happen?’”    Morse    said.
            COHOES,  N.Y.  (AP)  —  An  by an amateur bladesmith  day  afternoon  in  down-        ly  spread.  The  TV  series  is  “Well,  this  open  burn  just
            inferno  that  destroyed  or  who apparently was trying  town  Cohoes,  just  north  of   about  bladesmiths  com-  caused  millions  of  dollars
            damaged  nearly  two  doz-   to  imitate  something  he  Albany, and was stoked by     peting  to  create  “history’s  of damage and destroyed
            en buildings in a city in up-  saw on TV, officials said.  20 to 30 mph winds.         most  iconic  edged  weap-   half our downtown.”q
            state New York was sparked  The  blaze  broke  out  Thurs-  The  Times  Union  of  Albany   ons.”
            Lawsuit: Police used stun gun on man without provocation

            By DAKE KANG                 said in a statement. “These  The  lawsuit  claims  Wright  the  incident,  is  then  seen  official  business  and  resist-
            Associated Press             officers’  illegal  treatment  tried  to  tell  the  officers  he  getting out of the car and  ing arrest were dropped by
            CLEVELAND (AP) — A black  of  people  in  the  city  must  had a colostomy bag and  dropping to the ground.         prosecutors in June.
            man says in a federal law-   stop.”                       staples in his stomach when  Flagg  said  in  a  police  re-  The  lawsuit  seeks  an  un-
            suit that police officers in a  The lawsuit accuses the of-  Flagg  uses  a  stun  gun  on  port he thought Wright was  specified  amount  of  dam-
            Cleveland  suburb  used  a  ficers  of  violating  his  civil  him and Williams squirts him  reaching for a gun.    ages  and  demands  that
            stun gun and pepper spray  rights.  It  also  accuses  the  in  the  face  with  pepper  Wright  was  treated  at  a  Euclid   institute   police
            on  him  without  provoca-   Euclid  Police  Department  spray. Wright, who had sur-   hospital  and  taken  to  jail.  reforms.q
            tion.                        of engaging in a pattern of  gery  several  weeks  before  Charges  of  obstruction  of
            The  civil  rights  lawsuit  filed  excessive use of force and
            Thursday  by  36-year-old  malicious  prosecution,  es-
            Lamar  Wright  says  two  Eu-  pecially against black peo-
            clid police officers lied and  ple, along with a failure to
            falsely  charged  him  with  hold  officers  accountable
            crimes  after  he  pulled  into  for misconduct.
            a  driveway  to  use  his  cell-  Police  spokesman  Mitch
            phone  in  November  2016.  Houser said the city doesn’t
            Police  claimed  they  sus-  comment  on  pending  liti-
            pected  Wright  of  being  gation.  He  said  neither  of
            involved  in  drug  trafficking  the  officers  involved  in
            and feared he had a gun.     Wright’s  arrest,  Kyle  Flagg
            No drugs or weapons were  and Vashon Williams, were
            found in Wright’s rental car.  disciplined afterward.
            The lawsuit is the latest ac-  Wright  feared  the  two  of-
            cusation  of  excessive  use-  ficers,  dressed  in  street
            of-force against Euclid po-  clothes,  were  carjackers
            lice.  A  police  officer  was  and  started  to  drive  away
            fired in October after dash  but stopped and raised his
            cam  footage  showed  him  hands  when  he  realized
            repeatedly  punching  an  who they were, the lawsuit
            unarmed black man during  said.
            a traffic stop. The family of  Body   camera    footage
            23-year-old  Luke  Stewart,  shows  Wright  immediately
            who was black, sued Euclid  complying     when    Flagg
            in October after an officer  opens the driver’s door and
            fatally  shot  him  while  they  orders Wright to turn off the
            struggled  for  control  of  a  engine.  Flagg  is  then  seen
            car.                         grabbing  Wright’s  left  arm
            “I  filed  this  case  to  stand  and  pushing  him  against
            up  against  police  brutal-  the steering wheel.
            ity, and to stand with other  Wright  can  be  heard  yell-
            victims of senseless attacks  ing  that  Flagg  was  hurting
            by  officers  from  the  Euclid  his  arm  while  Flagg  orders
            Police Department,” Wright  him to show his right hand.
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