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                                                                                                 U.S. NEWS Saturday 2 december 2017

            Immigration anger builds against San Francisco after verdict

            By PAUL ELIAS                                                                                                       San  Francisco  Deputy  Dis-
            JANIE HAR                                                                                                           trict  Attorney  Diana  Gar-
            Associated Press                                                                                                    cia urged jurors to convict
            SAN  FRANCISCO  (AP)  —                                                                                             him  of  first-degree murder.
            The  attacks  on  San  Fran-                                                                                        Jurors also considered and
            cisco  and  other  cities  with                                                                                     rejected   second-degree
            similar  immigration  policies                                                                                      murder  and  involuntary
            began  moments  after  a                                                                                            manslaughter.
            jury  acquitted  a  Mexican                                                                                         They did convict him of the
            man charged with killing a                                                                                          firearm charge, which car-
            woman on a popular pier.                                                                                            ries  a  maximum  sentence
            President  Donald  Trump                                                                                            of three years in jail. U.S. Im-
            called the verdict a “com-                                                                                          migration and Customs En-
            plete  travesty  of  justice,”                                                                                      forcement said it would “ul-
            and  U.S.  Attorney  General                                                                                        timately  remove”  Garcia
            Jeff  Sessions  demanded                                                                                            Zarate from the country.
            cities  like    San  Francisco                                                                                      Before  the  shooting,  he
            scrap  immigration  policies                                                                                        had  finished  a  federal
            barring  cooperation  with                                                                                          prison  sentence  for  illegal
            federal deportation efforts.                                                                                        re-entry  into  the  United
            Thousands  of  Twitter  us-                                                                                         States and had been trans-
            ers  turned  to  the  hashtag                                                                                       ferred  to  San  Francisco’s
            #BoycottSanFrancisco.        Craig Warner of Palo Alto, Calif., leaves a bell at a memorial site for Kate Steinle on Pier 14 Friday,   jail in March 2015 to face a
                                         Dec. 1, 2017, in San Francisco. In this fiercely liberal city, city leaders remained attached to San
            Conservative     politicians   Francisco’s  sanctuary  city  status  despite  a  not  guilty  verdict  in  a  killing  that  sparked  feverish   20-year-old charge for sell-
            and celebrities such as for-  immigration debates because the man who fired the gun was in the country illegally after being   ing marijuana.
            mer Alaska Gov. Sarah Pal-   deported five times.                                                                   The sheriff’s department re-
            in and actor James Woods                                                                     (AP Photo/Ben Margot)  leased him a few days after
            lambasted the city.          2015. He had been deport-    Central   American    refu-  Sessions  and  others  blame  prosecutors  dropped  the
            City  officials  pushed  back  ed five times before.      gees.                        for Steinle’s death.         marijuana  charge,  despite
            and  vowed  to  stand  be-   “San  Francisco  is  and  al-  Since  then,  San  Francisco  Prosecutors  had  charged  a  request  from  federal  of-
            hind  their  so-called  sanc-  ways  will  be  a  sanctuary  has  consistently  been  an  Garcia Zarate with murder,  ficials to detain him for de-
            tuary  city  policy.  It’s  what  city,”  said  Ellen  Canale,  a  early  adopter  of  some  of  assault  and  being  felon  in  portation.
            led  Garcia  Zarate  to  be  spokeswoman  for  Mayor  the most immigrant-friendly  possession of a firearm. He  “San  Francisco’s  decision
            released  from  San  Francis-  Ed Lee.                    policies  nationwide,  ex-   called the shooting an ac-   to  protect  criminal  aliens
            co’s  jail  despite  a  federal  It  was  among  the  first  U.S.  panding protections to resi-  cident.            led to the preventable and
            request  to  detain  him  for  cities to establish a sanctu-  dents  living  in  the  country  He said he found a gun un-  heartbreaking  death  of
            deportation  several  weeks  ary  law  in  1989  as  part  of  without documentation.  der a chair on the pier and  Kate  Steinle,”  Sessions  said
            before  Kate  Steinle  was  a  national  wave  of  cities  Hundreds of cities have sim-  it  fired  when  he  picked  it  in  a  statement  Thursday
            fatally  shot  in  the  back  in  adopting  policies  to  help  ilar  policies,  which  Trump,  up.                 night.q
            Report: Officer safety put ahead of public safety at rally

            By SARAH RANKIN              state  and  city  police  and  public  safety,”  the  report  to deep distrust of govern-  were  peacefully  march-
            Associated Press             a  passive  response  by  of-  found.                     ment  within  this  commu-   ing  through  a  downtown
            CHARLOTTESVILLE,  Va.  (AP)  ficials to the chaos. The re-  The  City  of  Charlottesville  nity.”                  street, a car drove into the
            — Law enforcement failed  port also found that police  also  did  not  protect  free  White nationalists descend-   crowd,  killing  32-year-old
            to  adequately  plan  for  or  removed an officer from an  expression on Aug. 12, the  ed on Charlottesville in part  Heather Heyer and injuring
            respond  to  a  violent  white  area  where  a  car  plowed  report said.              to protest plans to remove  many more.
            nationalist  rally  this  sum-  into  counterprotesters  and  “This represents a failure of  a  statue  of  Confederate  Public  works  officials  had
            mer  in  Virginia,  leading  to  killed a woman and injured  one  of  government’s  core  General  Robert  E.  Lee.  suggested using large bar-
            “deep  distrust  of  govern-  19  others,  leaving  only  a  functions — the protection  They began fighting in the  riers that can be filled with
            ment” in the Charlottesville  small sawhorse in place at  of  fundamental  rights,”  it  streets with counterdemon-  water  to  block  vehicular
            community,  an  indepen-     the time.                    said.  “Law  enforcement  strators  before  the  event  traffic  but  Heaphy  said  “it
            dent  review  released  Fri-  “Supervisors   devised   a  also failed to maintain order  even  officially  began  and  just didn’t happen.”
            day found.                   poorly conceived plan that  and  protect  citizens  from  the  brawling  went  on  for  The report was put togeth-
            Former  U.S.  Attorney  Tim  under-equipped  and  mis-    harm,  injury,  and  death.  nearly an hour in front of of-  er  based  on  about  150  in-
            Heaphy’s  monthslong  in-    aligned  hundreds  of  offi-  Charlottesville   preserved  ficers until the event even-  terviews, and the review of
            vestigation  found  a  lack  cers. Execution of that plan  neither  of  those  principles  tually  disbanded.  Later,  photos, video and over half
            of  coordination  between  elevated officer safety over  on  Aug.  12,  which  has  led  as   counterdemonstrators  a million documents.q
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