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              Saturday 2 december 2017
            EU tells UK: No trade talks without progress on Irish border

                                                                                                   so that the 27 other EU lead-  frontier  will  be  the  U.K.'s
                                                                                                   ers  can  assess  it  before  a   only  land  border  with  an
                                                                                                   crucial  Dec.  14-15  summit   EU country.
                                                                                                   in Brussels. That meeting will   Britain says it wants to main-
                                                                                                   decide  whether  there  has   tain  a  "frictionless"  flow  of
                                                                                                   been  enough  progress  to   people and goods with no
                                                                                                   move  on  to  discussing  fu-  border posts. But Ireland is
                                                                                                   ture relations and trade.    demanding  to  know  how
                                                                                                   Tusk said the whole EU was   that will work if Britain is out-
                                                                                                   behind Ireland on the need   side the EU's borderless sin-
                                                                                                   for a border plan — dash-    gle  market  and  tariff-free
                                                                                                   ing British hopes that some   customs union.
                                                                                                   member  states  might  be    Varadkar  said  he  was  "an
                                                                                                   prepared to compromise.      optimist by nature" and be-
                                                                                                   "Let me say very clearly: if   lieved a breakthrough was
                                                                                                   the U.K.'s offer is unaccept-  possible.
                                                                                                   able for Ireland, it will also   "We  don't  have  long,  but
                                                                                                   be  unacceptable  for  the   I believe with the right en-
                                                                                                   EU," Tusk said.              gagement  and  the  right
                                                                                                   "The key to the U.K.'s future   political will we can reach
            President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, right, shakes hands with Irish Prime Minister Leo   lies  —  in  some  ways  —  in   an agreement on the way
            Varadkar at a press conference at Government Buildings in Dublin to discuss preparations for   Dublin," he added.   ahead," he said.
            the December European Council, Friday Dec. 1, 2017.                                    The  EU  and  the  U.K.  are   However,  he  added  he
                                                                           (Laura Hutton/PA via AP)  nearing   agreement   on   was  "prepared  to  stand

             By JILL LAWLESS             gotiating a new trade deal   that  guarantee  there  will   some  divorce  terms,  in-  firm ... if the U.K. offer falls
             Associated Press            with the U.K.                no  hard  border"  between   cluding  the  size  of  the  bill   short."
             LONDON (AP) — The Euro-     Standing  alongside  Euro-   Northern  Ireland  and  the   that  Britain  must  pay  as  it
             pean Union warned Britain   pean  Council  President     Irish  republic  after  Britain   leaves  and  the  rights  of   Any  hurdles  to  the  move-
             on Friday that it must out-  Donald Tusk in Dublin, Irish   leaves the EU in 2019.    citizens affected by Brexit.   ment  of  people  or  goods
             line  by  next  week  how  it   Prime  Minister  Leo  Varad-  Tusk  said  British  Prime  Min-  But  the  border  issue  has   could have serious implica-
             plans to keep an open Irish   kar  said  the  U.K.  must  of-  ister Theresa May had until   proved more intractable.  tions for the economies on
             border  after  Brexit  or  the   fer   "credible,   concrete   Monday to present her "fi-  After  Britain  leaves  the   both  sides,  and  for  North-
             bloc will refuse to start ne-  and  workable  solutions   nal offer" on divorce terms   bloc, the currently invisible   ern  Ireland's  peace  pro-
                                                                                                   310-mile    (500-kilometer)   cess. q

                                                                                                   Spain Supreme Court reviewing the
                                                                                                   jailing of Catalan separatists

                                                                                                   By ARITZ PARRA
                                                                                                   Associated Press
                                                                                                   MADRID (AP) — A Spanish Supreme Court judge is set to
                                                                                                   decide  on  Monday  if  two  Catalan  pro-independence
                                                                                                   activists and eight former members of the separatist re-
                                                                                                   gional cabinet ousted over a month ago should be re-
                                                                                                   leased from custody after hearing their appeal.
                                                                                                   The 10  requested Friday's court appearance to pledge
                                                                                                   lawful behavior and renounce unilateral independence
                                                                                                   efforts in the hope of being released.
                                                                                                   Most  of  them  are  running  in  an  early  regional  election
                                                                                                   this  month  that  Spanish  central  authorities  called  after
                                                                                                   they took control of Catalonia in response to the regional
                                                                                                   lawmakers' declaration of independence. Official cam-
                                                                                                   paigning begins at midnight on Monday.
                                                                                                   Spain also dismissed the regional government as part of
                                                                                                   unprecedented measures to rein in the country's deepest
                                                                                                   political crisis in nearly four decades of democratic rule.
                                                                                                   The lower National Court provisionally jailed the 10 Cata-
                                                                                                   lans while magistrates probe their roles in relation to the
                                                                                                   secession bid.
                                                                                                   The eight politicians, including former regional Vice Presi-
                                                                                                   dent Oriol Junqueras, face possible charges of rebellion,
                                                                                                   sedition  and  embezzlement  that  can  be  punished  with
                                                                                                   decades in prison. They were among the leading figures
                                                                                                   involved in events that crystalized in the Oct. 27 indepen-
                                                                                                   dence vote.
                                                                                                   Former Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont and four ex-
                                                                                                   ministers are fighting extradition from Belgium over similar
                                                                                                   "We want you at home. You must leave the jail because
                                                                                                   you should have never entered it. Do whatever is neces-
                                                                                                   sary to come out. We have a lot to do," wrote Puigde-
                                                                                                   mont in a tweet on Friday.q
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