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Women of Distinction

        relationships I have built over   they came to her and told her   Although Rachel is
        my career. It’s humbling that   what they were doing, she was   excited about the growth of
        so many people I’ve worked   inspired. The company was   her company, she explains
        with over the years want to   founded by two women from   how she sees the future. “I
        work with me again.”       Ireland. They are bringing   don't mind if we get bigger,
           Rachel’s agency, Ford Hut-  their products to the US mar-  but I don't want to get bigger
        man Media, typically works   ket. “They came to me and I   just for the sake of it. We are
        with clients in healthcare,   just saw so many great stories   looking to bring on a few new
        biotech, and digital health.   for them. These new therapies   people this year. For me, it's
        These areas fall under the   are incredibly needed, and   more about having a good
        life sciences umbrella. They   they fought hard to get the   balance, and a good quality of
        have a wide range of clients   company to this point. These   life. I love surfing and when
        from large corporations, such   are the stories that need to be   we get too busy and I'm not
        as Medtronic and Illumina,   told.”                   able to get out there surfing, I
        to mid-size and even some      Her clients are not the   feel like something is missing.
        startups. Rachel equally enjoys  only ones who are thrilled   So, I want to grow smart. If
        working with the variety, as   with the work that Rachel is   I ended up having the same
        each brings new challenges.   doing. Back in May 2020 she   clients I have now for the next
           I asked Rachel what she   received an award as a ‘Power   10 years, I'll be happy.”
        liked most about her job, “I   Woman of San Diego.’  “Being   Rachel’s advice for those
        just love storytelling. When   recognized for the work you   who want to follow in her
        a company comes to me and   love doing is incredibly hum-  footsteps is to do as she did,
        they have something really   bling,” she says.        start out working for a small
        interesting happening, but     Ironically, Rachel met her   boutique agency. This allows
        they are having trouble getting  husband Mike at a beach in   you to learn all aspects of the   Her one last bit of advice
        the attention they want, that’s   Maryland. They are both avid   Public Relations and Media   is one that we should all follow
        when I’m at my best. When I   surfers, and this was what   Relations field. It also allows   regardless of what field we are
        create an awesome piece that   initially brought them togeth-  you to work with compa-  in. “I always treat people with
        highlights all the great inno-  er. Rachel was 19 and by the   nies from a variety of fields,   kindness as my Mom taught
        vation they are doing, that for   age of 23 they were married.   allowing you to decide in   me. I have been very lucky
        me is exciting.”           They have a 9-year-old son,   which area you would like to   to work with many people
           For example, one of Ra-  Cameron, who is already in   specialize.              throughout my career. Kind-
        chel’s clients, Shorla Pharma,   love with surfing. Mike joined   Rachel adds, “I always   ness matters and people will
        is developing therapies for   the firm as CFO and Rachel   tell people that are interested   always remember that.”
        oncology and rare diseases for   enjoys having him as part of   in PR to have conversations   Rachel is thrilled to be liv-
        women and children. Wom-   the company. "We work very   with people that have done   ing and working in San Diego.
        en and children have been   well together. He enjoys doing   something similar. When I   “I think when people see that
        underserved traditionally in   all the financial work, so it is a   ventured out on my own, I   I'm in San Diego, it's a nice
        the biopharma market. When   great fit for us both.”  spoke with a lot of my past   credential to have, and it's re-
                                                              CEOs and colleagues. I also   ally helped me grow my career.
                                                              realized that being vulnerable   It is a great hub for life sciences
                                                              was important. I found that   and technology, and we are
                                                              when you come to people like   so lucky to be in a place with
                                                              that, they're so happy to share   so many amazing academic
                                                              their expertise with you. They   research institutions. I don't
                                                              are honestly touched that you   think I could've gotten to this
                                                              think that highly of them that   point in my career so quickly
                                                              you go to them for help.”   had I lived in a different city.”

                                                                To find out more about Rachel and the Ford Hutman Media
                                                                Agency, visit their sites at:

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