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       Summer 2020 Issue

       Dr. Darwin
       Dr     . Darwin


       Why You Need To Be
       Why Y       ou Need T         o Be

       in Bitcoin Right Now!
       in Bitcoin Right Now!

       Thriving In Crisis: Seeing
       Thriving In Crisis: Seeing

       Opportunities To Grow
       Opportunities T             o Grow
       by Emmeline Saavedra
       by Emmeline Saavedra

       Using The Power Of Thought
       Using The Power Of Thought                                                       The #1 Mistake
                                                                                        The #1 Mistake
        o Create Excellence
       To Create Excellence                                                   Business Owners Make
                                                                              Business Owners Make
                                                                                             By Brett Fogle
       by Dr  . Denis W     aitley                                                           By Brett Fogle
       by Dr. Denis Waitley
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