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Aims to Reduce Pedestrian Fatalities
By Patty Ginochio
With over 4 – 6 Million visitors
   By Will Carruthers
Faced with a high rate of
traveling through Bodega Bay on Highway 1, sections of the road have deteriorated so much that for the safety of motorists & bicyclists, two sections have immediately been reduced to a single lane.
pedestrian injuries and fatalities Sonoma County could join a growing number of California cities in drastically reframing its approach to reducing pedestrian fatalities.
On May 24th, Caltrans showed up in force to discuss the repair projects and the sudden closures, concentrating on two areas directly impacting Highway 1 through Bodega Bay – just South of Bay Hill Road & then at Gleason Beach.
In November, two local agencies – the Sonoma County Transportation Authority and the county’s Department of Health Services
– requested state transportation funding to launch an ambitious pedestrian safety program based
on a model used in some of the country’s densest cities, including San Francisco and New York.
The meeting was well-attended with approximately 75 locals. Caltrans listened to concerns and answered questions.
VISION ZERO, the traffic safety framework the Sonoma County program would be based on, was started in Sweden in 1990s and has more recently been implemented in eleven cities in California, according to the Vision Zero Network,
Julie Schneider, local homeowner in Bodega Bay stated “With only two lanes to work with, there really isn’t a perfect solution,
 a national group representing participating cities.
Everything To Do CALENDAR: pgs 50 - 71
but I thought the representatives from Caltrans and the County encouraging feedback and suggestions from the Community was a great start in an effort to make it as painless as possible.”
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